About Us

Did you know that child abuse and neglect occurs even in our tropical paradise?
  • In Collier County, on any given day, hundreds of children are being monitored by the Department of Children and Families through professional case management.
  • Case management is provided for both children removed to foster care and those who remain in their home under protective supervision.
  • Problems often include substance abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence, inability to provide essential basic care, incarceration and other issues that affect the lives of children
How does the Citizen's Foster Care Review Board help with these problems?
  • It is up to the court to protect the rights of parents and reduce the risk to children by hearing these cases on a regular basis
  • The Citizen's Foster Care Review Board conducts judicial reviews for the Circuit Court.
How is this done?
  • Our Panels hold parents, caregivers and agencies accountable to correct the problems affecting these families or pursue other permanent options for these children.
Why was this started in Collier County?
  • The Citizen's Foster Care Review Board was founded in 1992 as a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, based on a belief that panels of trained, involved, inquisitive and diverse citizens could provide the extra time and attention needed to assure that important tasks and details would not "fall through the cracks" in a complex and fragmented system.

Mission Statement

"The Mission of The Citizen's Foster Care Review Board, Inc. is to protect and advance the interests of the abused and neglected children and young adults of Collier County who come under the protection of the Dependency Court by providing well-trained volunteers to oversee their safety, stability and well being".

Board of Directors

  • Thomas J. Wedlock (President)
  • Lori Cohen (Vice President)
  • Fernand Billon (Secretary)
  • Robert Nossen (Treasurer)
  • Doug Campbell
  • Don Rauch
  • Kenneth I. Shevin
  • Michael V. Reagen, Ph.D.